Error occurs when clicking on the user profile picture within the post

Hello, I’m currently trying to post a message on the community, but I’ve encountered an issue.When I click on the user profile picture in the post, nothing happens, and an error is shown in the Google Chrome console as illustrated in the following image. What could be the reason for this?I’m looking forward to your response very much.

Hello @Yang1 :wave: have you tried in safe mode yet? Please also ensure you are running the latest version of Discourse. :slight_smile:


Hello, I’ve tried the safe mode and successfully disabled the restriction on unofficial client-side plugin customizations options. After entering the safe mode, I can click on the avatar and display the information as expected, please refer to the screenshot for specific details. How can I configure it so that I can also click on the avatar and display the relevant information in non-safe mode?I’m looking forward to your response very much.

This likely means one of your theme components or plugins are causing the issue and may need updating. I would check each one to make sure it is up to date. then start going through them one by one and seeing which one is breaking the user card functionally. Likely a theme component. Do you have any customs ones that you’ve changed recently? check those first.

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If it’s just the middle option you’ve disabled then it should be an unofficial plugin, if that helps you narrow it down?

If you share a list of which ones you have we may be able to give you a heads up on any that we know have issues. :+1:

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that’s a good point :+1:t2:

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