Can not access my user profile and some user's profiles

(Mực Tàu) #1

After upgrading to the newer discourse yesterday, I have been encountered this problem.
I can not even access my profile even I am the admin
It is exactly like this: Left Clicking on a non-existent user profile doesn't show 404 page
Please help because some of my friends face the same error as well even before updating.

(Ha Nguyen) #2

I also encountered this problem
Please help

(Alan Tan) #3

Do you see any errors in your console?

(Mực Tàu) #4

I am not sure this causes the trouble:

(Alan Tan) #5

Yup it did. Try removing the plugin to see if it resolves your issue.

(Mực Tàu) #6

You are damn right. The problems is gone ^^
Thank you so much

(Alan Tan) #7