Error on specific post id - how to find post

(Ankh2054) #1


Im getting the following error in my logs.

retry: true
queue: default
class: Jobs::ProcessPost
jid: 7a064c2df0a5016c9c343e7d
enqueued_at: 1433054928.0043101
error_message: Wrapped URI::InvalidComponentError: bad component(expected absolute path component): Online/default.asp
error_class: Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper
failed_at: 1433059262.550903
retry_count: 9
retried_at: 1433070039.8960876

  0: [object Object]

This relates to post_id: 304375

Is there a way to search for this post id?

(Kane York) #2

Go to the URL /p/304375 and that should bring you to the post.

Trying to find some problem posts reported by Sidekiq
(Ankh2054) #3

thanks hat did the trick :slight_smile:

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