Error page appears repeatedly after you try accessing a private page

Hi, so I was just browsing through the forums and one of the posts had a link to the lounge. I tapped it and of course, it’ll take me to the oops page. What’s odd is when I try to the home page by pressing the logo, the oops page appears again. Even going to another post, it does the same thing. Unfortunately, I can’t post a video about it but it’s easy to replicate. For instance, try going to #lounge but you’re a new member.

Note: This happens on every site, not just this one. I can confirm that I can replicate this repeatedly and the only real way of fixing this is to open a new tab and go to the forum.

I’d just like to note that this is my first time trying to post a bug, I’m sorry if there are any inconsistencies in my post but I noticed this bug and would like to get this addressed.


Can we repro this @tshenry?


Ok, I’m glad I am not the only one having this issue because I was a little skeptical at first.


I can, indeed, as an anon user. It looks like the routing breaks down in certain places and you get left in a weird state:

Noting that I can successfully click through to the Popular/Recent topics, but as you can see some category-related routes in the hamburger menu don’t seem to function correctly. Interestingly, I don’t see anything in the console or error logs. I was wrong, there is an initial error when clicking on the category link, but I think that’s to be expected:


The only way to fixing this currently is refreshing the page or just opening a new tab. It occurs even when looking at another topic and clicking the home icon.


Have also experienced this, including needing to refresh the tab to fix it


Usually this has to do with hitting a non-Ember page, but that’s typically difficult to do.

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@eviltrout can you assign this for a post-release fix next week?