Error: Slow down, too Many Requests from this IP Address

Hello. Very often, an error (Slow down, too Many Requests from this IP Address) started to appear when surfing the site. Also, periodically the Discourse cannot load some script, I assume that this is a consequence of the same problem

Disabled all plugins - the error does not disappear. This situation is from a home computer and a work computer, the ip is respectively different. Tell me what could be the problem.

Discourse v 2.6.0.beta2


Uncaught Error: Too Many Requests
Url: /assets/ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js
Line: 1
Column: 268124


Error: Too Many Requests
    at /assets/ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:1:267890
    at /assets/ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:1:267993
    at o (/assets/ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:1:268074)
    at Object.trigger (/assets/ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:1:545343)
    at /assets/ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:1:550189
    at t.invoke (/assets/ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:1:490190)
    at e.t.flush (/assets/ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:1:489198)
    at e.t.flush (/assets/ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:1:491205)
    at e.t._end (/assets/ember_jquery-1ed3f3559e6f967733b4088aa729ff7039dff2c09c5a5f787a214b016f58aabc.js:1:496596)


Do you have a reverse proxy? Are user ip addresses correct or are they all the sense) same?


Do you have a reverse proxy?

The office has a proxy, all employees have one ip, but at home I have my own ip. Or do you mean proxy on the server??

Are user ip addresses correct or are they all the sense) same?

Registration user ip different, but last ip same


That’s likely the issue then. You might be able to get the two ip of the proxy passes a proxy header. Otherwise you’ll need to disable (or modify) the rate limiting template and how you don’t get slammed.

If it’s your at home that’s getting this (on your own ip) then perhaps you have some theme component that’s reloading a bunch of data


Most likely the problem is this. Can you fix this somehow? How can I change the speed limit pattern?

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You need to know which problem it is before you know how and where to fix it.

Try disabling all third-party code and let us know if the problem persists. You can do this easily by creating a new theme with no theme components and using that.


Disable all theme components and activate default theme + Disable all plugins - problem not fix. What else could be causing the problem?

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If you look at your account via admin/users does the IP there match the address you’re connecting from?

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Registration user ip match with my real ip. Last ip for all users and me is the same

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That’s why you’re seeing the error, discourse is seeing all the requests originating from a single address.

  • Why are they all proxied?
  • Is there a proxy on the server too?
  • Where is the server located?
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The system administrator will look server and I will write. Server located in Germany and all users have same ip with server

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What’s the URL? You can send it to me in a PM if you would prefer not to post it publicly.


I’ve taken a look at @varhall’s site and it is behind some kind of reverse proxy.

@Varhall - your server admin needs to take a look at this topic, particularly the Create an NGINX ‘site’ for the outer nginx section. They aren’t currently passing the client IP address to the proxied Discourse instance. Discourse currently sees all traffic as originating from the same computer, which is why you see that error.