Error when installing discourse on Centos

(Flaviu) #22

Yes it works with Discourse, but doesn’t work with other tools that we need ( for HIPAA compliance )


I have a feeling you should be looking at a different linux distribution if you can’t use the default Centos/RHEL 3.10 kernel branch. Upgrading to a newer mainline kernel is bound to cause weird breakages in other system components eventually.

Is selinux enabled on that server? Since the error message is an “access denied” that would be my main suspect.

(Flaviu) #24

It is on permissive mode

[root@cm-wb01 discourse]# getenforce

(Flaviu) #25

I see docker is logging that my kernel doesn’t have AUFS. Is AUFS required in Discourse? Docker seems to have an alternative to this called overlay2. I see another discussion about this from 2014 - Discourse Docker Installation without Aufs

I don’t get the error mentioned in that post, so I am not sure it can be from here.

(Stephen) #26

Yes AUFS is mandatory.

(Jeff Atwood) #27

It’s not as mandatory as it used to be, I think. I believe overlay2 is working reasonably now. AUFS is a much safer and better tested choice overall (when it comes to Docker), but Red Hat has some kind of political problem with AUFS as I understand it?

(Flaviu) #28

my docker is using overlay2

I will continue to investigate, but for now I am going to put in production a server with a version or 3.10

I hope I can still get support from you guys to go to the bottom of this as it may help other people in the future too.

(Jeff Atwood) #29

Historically Red Hat / CentOS has had major issues with Docker, so you are better off asking them.

(boredomdenied) #30

Going to the source is probably the best approach, but I’d also dump a docker info from both kernel docker builds and do a diff between them. You might gain some insight into which particular difference is causing the issue.