Errors after updating chat plugin

New bug found, not sure why but it seems to have happened after updating chat plugin?

/message-bus/14465e3bdd9d46ca82926e066feb90c5/poll?dlp=t:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 429 ()
direct_messages.json?usernames=demo1:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
direct_messages/create.json:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()

Hi sok, it seems related to your environment, we don’t have any report of this kind of issues in any other setup. Do you have any error in /logs ?

This is what I can find:

@joffreyjaffeux TIA

I should mention previous personal chats are working fine!

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Did you only update the plugin and not discourse itself? If not please try to update discourse too.

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I did. I avoided jumping onto 2.9 beta. Would that do the trick? Normally we update using a re-build so we want to avoid downtime. Would it work via the dashboard?

At the moment while we are in beta we only support latest tests-passed with chat. In a few months this decoupled update will not even be an option. We will distribute the discourse-chat plugin directly in the Discourse repository.


So this means if I’m not on the latest discourse release (beta/official) chat won’t work? slightly confused. Thanks @sam


  1. In a few months, Discourse chat = Discourse. It will be distributed in the Discourse code repository.

  2. For now… always update Discourse prior to updating Discourse chat. Do not use beta branch with Discourse chat.


Got ya. Thx!

How do I opt out of Discourse beta branch? I can’t even remember how we set it up :sweat_smile:

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Just comment out this line in your container config and do a rebuild.


Thanks! I thought so. Just trying to avoid downtime.
The version I’m showed now is 2.9.0.beta9 - I assume this isn’t classified as “tests-passed”.

beta9 atm is tests passed :slight_smile: beta8 is beta… we probably want to clean up some of our naming here cause it gets a bit confusing.

I think all you need to do is use your web updater and update everything. There is no downtime for that.


I’ve added the following note at the top of the docs as well:

For compatibility, Discourse must also be kept up to date with the tests-passed branch when updating to new versions of the chat plugin.


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