Essential, a simple theme for Discourse 🎨

This theme is a variation of Elementary theme. The homepage layout (topic list) is changed to show just the essential information in two columns.

:art: :rainbow: :speech_balloon:


Full page search:

Suggested Topics under topic details:

Let me know how this theme can be further improved. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


One thing that is a bit confusing is the two dates… I suggest for a simple theme, one date is preferable?

Also, did you decide to remove any elements from the topic page itself? There are no screenshots of a topic.


This theme is a minor variation of the Elementary theme which was originally inspired from Sam’s simple theme. There are no changes in topic page layout.

Just to clarify: the date under topic title is topic created date, and the date in activity column is last posted date.

I am currently working on a new theme which will be very minimal and will remove elements from topic page that may be confusing for beginners.

Thank you for the feedback!