Event organizing in Discourse


Is there a way to organize events in discourse like facebook events?
Where you can see not only number of interested attendees(this probably can be managed using polls) but also their names or usernames.

(Jesse Perry) #2

Why not use Groups feature?

(mountain) #3

You could also use the ‘like’ feature as well. The OP of a topic declares the event and interested users ‘like’ that post.


hmmmm, I did not knew of existance of groups Discourse.
Cannot find howtos or docs for it. Can you point it to me?



Seems like an idea.
But how “likers” will be visible if they are a lot?

(mountain) #6

I’ve seen ‘like’ lists up to tens of users. Clicking “# people like this.” will show the entire list.


I had a play with groups now and seems like only admins can create it.
So no “events” from general users?

(mountain) #8

Users can post their own topics and interested users can ‘like’ the topic’s first post to indicate interest in the event.


Yes. I did understood that.
My last question was regarding groups

(mountain) #10

Ahh. Apologies then. That is (currently) out of my scope.


Apologies for what? for your help? :smile:
Nonsense! :slight_smile:

(mountain) #12

Haha, no worries! I am still getting my life situated before diving deep into Discourse’s admin features. That is why I am unable to say if there is an option to allow users to create their own groups.

(Jesse Perry) #13

@georgiano Theoretically you could create a badge that is awarded when people like a topic in the “Events” category. Then use the badge feature as the tracking method for that. But you still have the same issue of only admins being able to create a badge for each new topic.

(system) #14

(Stephen) #15

Thanks to the efforts of @angus we now have the excellent Events Plugin. It includes support for his Locations Plugin which lets you specify locations, and browse future events by map.

(Tobias Eigen) #16

Id love to see the rsvp features filled out some more, to make it more eventbrite like. Then we could really atart using discourse for organizing events.