Events Plugin 📆

It looks like it’s down again. I need some instruction on how to setup an ical reader (possibly a Telegram bot).

@angus Is there any news on this?

Hello all!

Thanks for your patience. I’ve fixed the outstanding issue with this plugin. It’s working as normal on v0.1.1.

This is the official (Pavilion) word on what will happen with this plugin, in the order in which each will occur.

  1. From now (until 4, below) will again be providing support to this plugin. If you report issues here we will respond.

  2. This plugin’s functionality will be merged into the coming Discourse Events Integration Plugin, which is due for release in late October.

  3. All data from this plugin will be automatically migrated into the new DEIP plugin.

  4. Once the DEIP is launched, this plugin (i.e. the Events Plugin) will be archived.


Not sure if this is already being considered, but having multiple topics for a single event and listing them under a main event page would be a very nice feature.

This will be possible with the new Discourse Events Integration Plugin, which will be released in late October, but it won’t be a feature in v1.

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