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I’m experiencing the same thing.

I may be missing the most basic thing here, but i can’t see how to add these events to the calendar or agenda.

Other posts here mention an ‘add to calendar’ button which i can’t see. I’ve turned all other plugins off, but if i create a new event both the calendar and agenda tabs remain empty

can’t see anything obvious in the settings

You need to turn on events for that specific category. It seems like the whole site setting isn’t working at the moment (will report and investigate this in

Also, I’m afraid that you’ve only added a date in your example. The UI is a bit confusing re adding dates and events in Discourse as a whole. This particular plugin uses an Add Event button above the composer in the Original Post:

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Thanks @nathank. Yup the individual category settings are working well, its just the site-wide one that’s not.

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Hey @angus & @HamMan2118 - was there any findings on this issues. We´re facing the same problem of Loading times of 10 Seconds to start the calender.

Hey @elRicharde!

I did not find anything on my end, however I will contact our site manager later today to see if there is anything logged :slight_smile:

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Checked on my end as well, as i´m just a mod like you @HamMan2118 i also found nothing.
Actually it would help to copy our complete forum to a test instance and move many Events to a completly ne TOP-Category “Calendar-Archive” to see if this is helping.
But first of all as a mod i don´t have knowledge and resources to do so and our admins don´t have capacities for this as well - and in our real world Forum i don´t want to “try” something for Testing.
It would be very interesting to know why it is so slow and if there is anything to speed it up.

I am seeing some errors with the Discourse update.

As far as I can tell, the problem occurs when adding an event, when checking event participants, and when creating a new category.

Will this be fixed?


Following an update on Friday to the latest Discourse and plugin version, I encountered a blockage on the Events plugin.

Old events are OK

On the other hand, error when creating a new one.

In the Events tab :

Web site : Conventions JdR - Forums FFJdR

Thank you for allowing us to start the “Ember year” off right

Thanks for the reports! The move to Ember 5 has meant that many plugins and theme components are having issues at the moment.

I’m not sure how long it will take us to get this fixed, as it isn’t at the top of the queue at the moment. PRs are most welcome, as are offers to sponsor a repair.


Thanks for the feedback and information.

Would it help to open a bug report here ?


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Certainly wouldn’t hurt!


With the bug in the Events plugin with Ember 5 I will have to do without a calendar for posts.

But the saddest thing is losing the great functions of Events combined with the Location plugin. Like removing past events from the map. :star_struck:

→ I just saw that there was a flag to force the Discourse environment in Ember 3.
Could this provide a temporary compatibility solution to the Events plugin ? :thinking:

Thanks for your advice.


I share your grief over not having access to some of this plugin’s awesome features at present.

Certainly worth a try! Why don’t you have a go on a staging instance?

Yes, it does. Please note that Discourse core will drop Ember3 compatibility in the near future, but for now it is absolutely a solution.



Is there a way to create a recurring event (I mean one unique post) which would be automatically updated with the next date (for exemple every two weeks) in order to avoid to create a new post every 2 weeks to say the same thing (ex : ”next onboarding session") ?

Like this, with a link to the Calendar (upcoming events) plugin, the user can see all the onboarding session in the Calendar, (but when he clicks on the date, he is redirected to the post with the current event, which is the actual behaviour).

That is how the official calendar-and-event plugin handles things. There are pros and cons of each approach.


I’m experiencing an issue with the events-integration page on our Discourse forum. Whenever I try to access it, I get a warning: “Error loading route caused by plugin ‘discourse-events-e0079339aeef4bbe41336a3766e010483478c7374fcb7d7e0574c835848c6e01’ (this message is only shown to site administrators),” followed by an error message stating, “Error - Something went wrong.” Both Discourse and all installed plugins are up to date, and I couldn’t find any relevant errors in the logs.

Has anyone encountered this issue or have any suggestions on how to fix it?

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If you’re running Discourse 3.2 - the Events Plugin has not been updated to support 3.2 (it mostly works in 3.1)
Hopefully It’ll get updated soon.



The issue of incompatibility has been traced further up the topic.

I implemented this temporary fix (the flag to force Ember 3) at the beginning of the week, and everything is now in order.