Every page on mydomainhere.com redirects to forum.mydomainhere.com?

I just installed Discourse and it looks great.

I set my Docker container to use port 8080 for now so I can run Apache along side of this Discourse installation and access my regular website I disabled temporarily. One issue though, every URL I type in other than forum.domain.com redirects itself back to forum.mydomainhere.com, so I cannot browse to mydomainhere.com.

I’ve used ./launch enter app and I’m now looking at the Ruby MVC/Framework. I was hoping someone can guide me to what is controlling that redirect so I can undo it to allow mydomainhere.com to become accessible again. Thanks!

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You can’t run discourse on port 8080. If you configured it to use forum it have your browser a 301 so that’s what it’s remembering. Try an incognito window or another browser.

If you want to run in a subfolder or Sheth apache as a reverse proxy, there are topics about that


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