Excerpts show emoji codes (and not emojis)

(Chris Beach) #1

Could the emoji codes e.g. :sparkles: be either stripped from the excerpt, or converted to emojis?

(Chris Beach) #2

Also, the [image] placeholders are distracting and shouldn’t be included in the excerpt IMO:

(Graham Perrin) #3

Seven more examples: Categorisation, tagging, default appearance - Forum feedback - Open Source Design

Yeah, I have seen that too, can’t recall where.


In lieu of multiple consecutive non-rendered elements, e.g.:

[image] [image] Dear SE23 …

– a single ellipsis, e.g.:

… Dear SE23 …

(Dean Taylor) #4

Perhaps a picture emoji? :frame_photo:

(Graham Perrin) #5

OT, but I more than :slight_smile:d when my desktop notification of that post showed

Perhaps a picture emoji? :frame_photo:


Maybe back on topic (if some types of notification are excerpt-based):

  • the notification on Discourse for Android presented an unintelligible character in lieu of the framed photograph

– impossible for me to capture a screenshot, sorry.