Exclude staff from statistics

Hi everyone!

I’ve checked out another topic where this issue was discussed, but it seems there is no solution yet, right?

  • Maybe I’m missing something and there is a way to exclude staff from the statistics (topics created, posts created, etc.)?

  • Also, it seems Replies section includes not only replies themselves, but all the actions on the whole (‘made this topic public’, ‘assigned this topic’, hidden replies, etc.) - is there an option to track replies only?


You can use the data explorer plugin to generate such statistics, though I don’t see any built-in queries that do that.

Mostly, if your community is new enough that staff actions are a sizable amount of your total traffic, then you can count the number of user posts by hand. :slight_smile:

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@pfaffman thank you for your suggestion!

Yes, I do count it manually now but as you guess it’s far from being convenient :slight_smile: It looks like a real basic feature, and it’s sad it’s not available yet.

Thank you anyways for looking into this!