Prevent staff actions from being considered replies

Anytime a staff action is performed like closing or unlisted a thread, it would seem Discourse records this as a reply. It contributes to the reply count, and the staff member is listed as a participant on the topic.

Is there a way through customization (doesn’t seem possible with settings) to disable this? We’d prefer users to not see what actions are taken, and have made some modifications to hide the status posts. It’s a bit confusing to see that a staff member has participated on the thread when they haven’t added a real reply.


You can simply delete those staff action replies If you want.


Thanks. I was hoping for a way to just get them disabled entirely.

You can do it via CSS like below

.small-action {
  display: none;
.small-action.time-gap {
  display: block;

And it may give some inconvenience in UX.

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I’ve been able to hide them, but the problem is that on the topic list view and in the topic map, you see the user who performed the action as a participant (because small action are created as replies) it also makes the reply count go up.