Expandable content areas and multiple videos

The first function
sometimes hard to read a lot of information, so it is best to do so

----------photo 2-----------------------------

The second function
Sometimes it’s cool when the video can be recorded as a series, so this is an important feature

----------photo 2-----------------------------

Examples are taken from different sites
do not skimp on the comments :relaxed:

Expandable content areas are nice. They have multiple uses, like putting a large number of images in a post without ruining the flow of text, or making a large Wiki post more navigable.

You can use the <details> tag like so:

**Where are you?** Here I am!

But it’s a bit clunky, especially for those not familiar with html. It’s also not supported in IE or Firefox.


Your "Where are you? example expands for me using Firefox latest.

To me that’s not what I wanted to offer
but thanks anyway that you said

Ah! Well the W3C need to update their guidance :smile:

Discourse is using a polyfill to make <details> work in Firefox right now, so it won’t work on other websites.

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In the future please make one request per topic. Putting two (or three, or four) unrelated things in the same topic just makes a mess.

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well, I just decided that the two themes it is spam