Experiencing touch offset issues replying on Android

Ok, I have a better description of the issue.

The report says when this blue cursor appears, the ui is stuck. In fact this blue cursor is not focus in the editor but below (not really sure of that is below. The reporter says he can move the blue cursor) on an undefined text zone. The minimize-editor arrow works, but it doesn’t solve the issue.

@SnapGravy Is it detailed enough to create an issue on the github repo ?

This issue is problematic.
Please, can someone give me a script or just show me the way to track this bug ? I would like to understand on which DOM element they are clicking.

We need consistent repro steps to fix it. Give us repro steps.

We try our best but it seems unpredictable. Users just close their tabs, reopen it and this disapear. I tried to make a script to track this but i failed. I thinked to log the clicks of one trusted user to know which dom element is cliked when it appears.
some reporters are users who works in I.T. they didn’t yet find how to reproduce. Any advice is welcome

Since the phenomenon seems really hard to pin down, maybe this can help to limit the scope of possible causes?

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I can repro this consistently. Click reply on Android device running Oreo.

Click the text box to give focus.
Click topic title to navigate to top of topic
Click reply text box again for focus
Try composing reply.
Clicks have a weird offset. I generally have to click 2-3 lines below my intended target.

Navigate away from topic to another and eventually the click target is back to normal and you can tell it to reply to original post/topic. Or refresh the page


Okay a bit more info to reproduce.

Make sure to use a topic with 15ish posts.
Click reply on the topic
Enter a line or two of text
Click topic title in reply window
Quickly scroll to bottom
Topic progress should be “off” (you see 14 of 20 instead of 20 of 20)
Click in reply text box, offset should definitely happen.

(I’m struggling to hit reply right now using this technique)

More info. It seems to only impact initial load.

I’ve had to exit chrome to reproduce again.

Exit Chrome
Navigate to Meta
Navigate to topic
Reply to Topic
Enter a line or 3 of text
Click title
Scroll to bottom quickly
Click text box to focus on reply
Offset occurs

To fix:
Navigate away from topic (latest)
Refresh page (composer should disappear)
Navigate to topic (composer restores)
Hit reply

Once it is fixed I can’t get it to happen without closing chrome. It seems something in the initial setup of composer is causing this. Not sure what though.


Our members tried your combo but cannot reproduce :expressionless:

Cannot reproduce what? The fix or the issue?

They tried To do the manipulation but the bug did not happen.
The description seems to be our issue. There is a vertical offset and to be able to reply they should click 2cm below the bottom of their screen

Can you repro this @falco? I will try to repro later tonight with my test Android device when I am back home.

Ok just made it reproductible on my lg G5.
I just have To scroll UP to have a google overlay on bottom that propose me to translate the page to french. At that point the offset occurs at each try.
On the video posted by one of our member. A google overlay is also visible at some point.

@codinghorror @Falco did you succeeded to repro ?

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Yes, I just managed to repro this on the Discourse China website.

Only affects the composer modal, which will have the vertical offset.

This looks like a Chrome bug because even the Chrome Inspector goes crazy:

Where the textarea is:

Upload button:


Can we use the mitigation @sam suggested?

It’s like a race between the location bar and the Google Chrome Translate bar.

I’m testing if changing:

#reply-control { position: fixed; }


#reply-control { position: absolute; }

fixes it.

EDIT: won’t work.


Is this a chrome bug? should it simply be reported to chrome first?

I got some simple steps to repro:

  1. Go to a long topic (this topic here works)
  2. Open Composer
  3. Scroll until a new post chunk is loaded.
  4. The click are for modals will be offset from the screen position. (You can do this in both ways, so they are draw above or below if you trigger the bug going up or down).

This does not repro for me on oneplus 6, updated to latest. Here’s what I did:

  • clicked on the post count and selected the first post to enter this topic at the top
  • opened composer by pressing reply on the first post
  • scrolled to the bottom of the topic

I don’t see any offset on taps there?