Periodic editor cursor misalignment on Android Chrome

(R_Jordanian) #1

So when i type a comment (NOT A TOPIC) on a smartphone, touch-misalighnment occurs.

More info:-

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can you repro here? We theorize that this is due to CSS customizations specific to the target site. You’ll need to give us repro steps here or on

(R_Jordanian) #3

Ok I am testing here, seems fine here, will ask others to do it here.

(Sebastian) #4

It’s not consistent i might add, and on my iPhone 7+ it’s usually solved by just killing Safari/Discourse iOS App and relaunch.

IFC Moderator

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Need repro steps here.

(Kane York) #6

I’ve been getting intermittent misalignment on my Nexus 6 / Chrome. Usually fixed by causing the URL bar to appear again.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #7

I’ve had it occur 2 to 3 times here on Meta in Chrome on my Pixel 2 XL. No repro, assumed it was something on my phone. Will pay closer attention.

(ljpp) #11

Our staff is trying to hunt down a bug which seems to be somewhat similar to iOS 11 cursor misplacement, but this one is on Android Chrome. Discourse 1.9 stable.



What we know so far:

  • Not 100% repro - pattern not found yet.
  • Reported by multiple users/devices, but not by all. There is enough evidence to say that this is a real issue.
    • Personally I have not seen this on a low-end Huawei tablet
    • Could be related to ultra HD screens - reporters seem to have higher end devices?
  • Originally we suspected the incident might have correlation with our high traffic hours, when messages are bursting in at a very high frequency. However our moderator recorded the video above during low/normal traffic hours, so maybe this is related to scrolling and overlays, similar to iOS Safari case.
  • The 1st report about this came 22 days ago, but never before during our 2,5 years of operation. Chrome regression, maybe?
  • So far no repro reports on Firefox Android. We have encouraged users to try this as workaround.
  • Browser refresh seems help temporarily when this happens.

(Sam Saffron) #12

We could possibly try this iOS hack on Android as well, in case of flaky position fixed bugs. On iOS we hide the topic completely when you start editing so the positioning on the textarea is no longer fixed.

@Falco do you notice this issue as well?

(Iceman) #13

Hi Guys,

I can confirm that I have users on my Discourse instance having this issue as well. I can’t get them to give specific repro steps.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #14

I’m keeping an eye on this for the last few days and saw this. Maybe it’s related to CSS customizations?

(ljpp) #15

@iceman just reported that this still occurs with Discourse 2.0.1. This is a tough nut to crack, as triggers and repro pattern is unclear.

@iceman, got any new intel how to repro this?

(ljpp) #16

Brother @iceman has reproed this on Try. The hard part is that this not 100% repro, but occurs rather randomly. But when it does, it is bad.

(Cameron:D) #17

Could possibly be related to this:

Which does have repro steps now

(Iceman) #18

Is very likely that it is related to the one reported by @Cameron_D. Not sure how to repro this 100% of times, will try with the method exposed by @codinghorror.

However, the reports I have are of not registering but it registering a little bit up. I’m gonna assume that’s because most of the thumb is blocked by the null area and it only registers the part that exceeds at the bottom.

Will keep informing.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #19

The bug can make it register around 200px up or down, depends if you trigger the bug going up or down.

Let’s keep the discussion at Experiencing a lot of issues replying on Android

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #20