Experimenting with some new scoring defaults on Meta

You may have noticed some fluctuations in the Gamification scores here on meta… :slight_smile:

Good news! It’s not broken. :slight_smile: We’re testing out some possible new score values to try them on for size: :partying_face:

Visit 1
Posts read 10 (per 100)
Time read 10 (per hour)
Create a post 2
Create a topic 5
Receive a Like 5
Give a Like 1
Solutions 100
Invites 10
Agreed Flags 10

We’re thinking that reading is pretty integral to most sites so have juiced those metrics up a bit, as well as making Solutions a big-ticket item :100:, and increasing the scores for all those hard-earned Likes people are getting.

I’ve also created another link to an extra Leaderboard in the sidebar where you can see the scores for everyone without pesky Discourse team members gumming it all up. :slight_smile:

sidebar leaderboard links

Let us know what you think. :memo: :+1:


Looks good nut a supplement to adding reactions as a customization ad different sites msy use different reactions.

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