Leaderboard- Exclude Certain Users

Hello Community,

We just upgraded our community to the newest version and I have to say I was so excited about the leaderboard. We have 2 top contributors who are very vocal about disliking it and demanding that we remove it.

Would like to see if there is any way to exclude a couple of members who don’t want to show here.

I was looking and maybe we could create a custom group in the community and then exclude those people per:


  • Add excluded_groups_ids to leaderboard settings

Has anyone done something similar before?

Thank you, Sara

@Vu_Tran_Nguyen @albert_vu

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I’ve just had a go on my test site, and this looks like it’s possible. :+1:

I went to /admin/plugins/gamification and edited the leaderboard I wanted to exclude the users from using the pencil icon. In there I left ‘include groups’ blank, and added my custom group to ‘exclude groups’, and that gave me the leaderboard but with just those couple of test users missing.

It’s quite a new plugin, and may not suit every community, but hopefully this helps. :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:


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