How to export user data from a category on a hosted site

In the hosted version of Discourse, which we’re using, we can export all user data, but I only want to export a list of users in one of our forums. It appears to be possible to do it with the self-hosted edition via an API. Is there a way we can get secure access or put in a request to get the data we need?


You can export a CSV file of all users on your forum from your Admin / Users page. You can find details about how to do that in this topic: Export User Information List.


Yes, but I only want to export users from one forum, not the entire community. When you export all users, the CSV doesn’t indicate which forum each user is in. As far as I can tell, the only way to export just users from a single forum – or the only way to identify which users are in each forum – is via the API export. However, for hosted users, we don’t have API access, I believe.

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That makes sense. In Discourse terminology what you want to do is export a category. That is possible with the command line tools that are described in the topic that you linked to. On our hosted sites you do not have access to the site’s backend, so this will not be possible for you.

One thing to note, on our hosted sites you do have complete access to the Discourse API, but I’m not sure that will help for your case.

If you are on our Business plan, your best approach would be to use the Data Explorer plugin. We can help you to write a query for that if you’re stuck. If your site is on our Standard plan, get in touch with us through the support email address that’s on your admin dashboard. We’ll see what we can do to help.


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