Export event data is a bit painful, and email addresses would be useful

Using the 🗓 Discourse Event functionality, I find it quite cumbersome to download and use the image.

Currently it uses a similar mechanism to the User Export, giving you:

  1. a zip file via a PM to those with edit privileges on that post
  2. gives you these fields:
    username status first_answered_at last_updated_at

Suggestion 1

That a direct .csv download be provided from the modal

This would be much simpler from the user perspective

Suggestion 2

That primary emails be reported in this download (or there be an option for this)

This would allow easy export of participants when needed for other purposes related to the event.

I’ve got a Data Explorer query for this at the mo which works well enough, but requires a lot of fiddle to give event organisers (i.e. the OP) access to it:

-- [params]
-- int :post_id

  SELECT email, user_id
  FROM user_emails u
  WHERE u.primary = true

SELECT dpei.user_id, email, status, notified
FROM discourse_post_event_invitees dpei
JOIN e ON e.user_id = dpei.user_id
WHERE dpei.post_id = :post_id
ORDER BY status, email