Export only database data Postgres (for users, posts and topics)

Hi, I’m converting users, post, topics etc from Mybb database to Discourse: Importing MyBB to Discourse

I have followed also this guide: Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on Ubuntu for Development

In this way I have 2 instances of Discourse, right? One is for development (no docker) and then I’ll install production version (docker).

but http://localhost:3000/ or http://forum.omaggieconcorsi.com:3000/ don’t work (development version)

Anyway, the program is converting something from Mybb, but I don’t know where I can then export the data.
Discourse I can’t see it with http://forum.omaggieconcorsi.com:3000/ or http://localhost:3000/ so how can I at least export the database with posts, users etc. from the old Mybb forum and then import it on new Discourse instance?

I can install only normal production version of Discourse without problems, but how can I do to import users, posts and topics I have converted from Mybb?

Thank you in advance!

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See Importing MyBB to Discourse for how to import your mybb data to Discourse.

If http://localhost:3000/ doesn’t work then you have a problem with your development installation but there’s no way to guess what the problem might be (did you install it? Did you start it up?).

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