Install Discourse on digital ocean Will PAY $10


I am running a forum on mybb. I am a student so cant afford much money. Can anyone install discourse on digital ocean and import all the data from mybb?

I can pay $10 for this via PAYPAL.

Thank you.
Discourse is best I liked it very much…

This guy will do the install for you for $5 (referral link when clicked)

Not sure about the import, but if you the seller this link, I’m sure you can get a quote

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Thank you man. Thank you so much.

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The seller installed discourse but was unable to import mybb data. Any other ways?

You can try this tip, but better to carry on conversation about the import process in a separate thread… as it’s not just $10 worth of work :wink:


The vanilla script doesnt import media files though :open_mouth: