Export User Information List

Want to export user information list in a CSV file? Great, let’s get started!

  1. Go to /admin/users/list page, and click on Export Users button:

  1. Shortly you will receive a PM containing download link for exported CSV file:

Note: The CSV file download link will expire after 48 hours, so make sure to download it before 48 hours after initiating export.

  1. Download and open the CSV file:

The CSV file will contain user information.

Congratulations! You have exported user information list successfully.


Well, that’s nice but how come I don’t see this Export Users button in my Administration panel? I am using a Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) installation. Is it some new feature or what?

Yes, it is a new feature. If you were self hosted you could just press the “upgrade” button on /admin/upgrade – but I think Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) updates fairly frequently.


We just finished testing the new version - we’ll be updating all instances to in the next 24 hours.


In our organization we care about the participation of each co-worker in the internal social network, so we do a monthly report with Topics Viewed and Posts Read and Read Time.

This feature is great because it facilitates the process but it could be better if it would add this data. In addition, it would be even better if it could contain Topics, Posts, Likes Given and Likes Received.

Is this plugin territory?

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Not opposed to what you are proposing, but I also suspect you could write a little app that would query that information from the Discourse API pretty easily.


Here you go:


Enjoy extended user stats! :confetti_ball:


Is it possible to get this export to include the user’s title?


Sure! :gift:


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Why don’t we just include every user field in the export? Including custom user fields.


Actually, this is kind of a case for custom reports on the forum, possibly through admin-defined SQL?

I should revisit that idea of porting the SE data explorer.

Okay, here are some more improvements:

  • Added custom user fields.

  • Added header title for each column.

  • Added following additional user fields: trust_level, active, admin, moderator, ip_address.


The file extension for me is .csv.gz (user-list-150521-195707-1.csv.gz – 2.7 KB), and when I open in Excel it displays random characters. Expected behavior?

I’m not familiar with Excel to know if it unzips compressed files, but it sounds like it didn’t.

Try unzipping it to a “.csv” file and try it again.

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Thanks @Mittineague I guess I’ll need a file extraction app, will hunt around as I don’t think it’s native on win. 8.1.

It’s just GZIP compressed, you can use WinRAR

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I have PHP on localhost and hard-code the filenames as needed (yes, hacky, but I don’t use it often enough to bother making it nicer)

$readfilename = "user-archive-Mittineague-150222-090655-52.csv.gz";
$writefilename = "user-archive-Mittineague-150222-090655-52.csv";

$filecontent = "";

$filepointer = gzopen($readfilename, "rb");
while (!gzeof($filepointer)) {
	$contentline = gzgets($filepointer);
	$filecontent .= $contentline;

$filehandle = fopen($writefilename, "wb");
fwrite($filehandle, $filecontent);

@techAPJ would it be possible to add last seen date in the user export? This would be immensely useful for our community.

Okay, I just added three new fields: last_seen_at, last_posted_at, last_emailed_at to the user list export!



awesome - many, many thanks. :sunny:

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