Expose Category and Group IDs to admins

Hi, I think it would make it easier for admins to edit data explorer queries if it was easier to find Category and Group IDs. If this information was made visible to accounts with admin status it wouldn’t bother most people while making it simple to find for those who need access.

Alternatively, in the meantime, if there are already easy ways to find Category and Group IDs, I’m eager to learn how to find this information.

I’ll admit it’s not super easy to find if you don’t know where to look, but here’s a couple ways:

  • Data Explorer query:

    SELECT name, id FROM categories ORDER BY name
  • via categories.json

    curl https://meta.discourse.org/categories.json | jq '.category_list.categories[] | [.name,.id]'`
    …info for all categories…
    curl https://meta.discourse.org/categories.json | jq '.category_list.categories[] | select(.name == "feature").id'
  • via the JS console in the browser, e.g.:

    > Discourse.Category.findBySlug('feature').id

For Data Explorer queries, you can use a pattern similar to the WHERE statement in this query to avoid having to lookup category or group ids:

-- string :category_name

id AS topic_id
FROM topics t
WHERE t.category_id = (SELECT id FROM categories WHERE name = :category_name)