Exposing /sidekiq to public

EDIT: I just realized that it is only accessible when I am logged in as admin. It appears that the Discourse backend does return a 404 for this page. :sweat_smile:

Is it safe to expose /sidekiq to the public? My assumption is “absolutely not”.
I just discovered that the ingress from the Bitnami Helm chart that I installed exposes this endpoint by default, but I was able to crash the sidekiq container by stopping the process on /sidekiq/busy.

I notice that for meta.discourse.org, /sidekiq returns a 404 – if y’all are running in a Kubernetes cluster, are you using the ingress controller to just rewrite to a 404, or is there something in the discourse backend that is supposed to be protecting this page? Are there any other paths that shouldn’t be publicly accessible?