Extended Set of User Fields Resequences itself

(Christopher McEwan) #1

A recent modification increased the available number of user fields from 3 to [a number equal to or greater than 15 - that is as far as I tested].

However, when working with these new fields, they appear to resequence themselves after having been created.

The screenshot below illustrates. The topics were created in a sequence of 1-15. I placed different alphas in front of the sequence identifiers to test whether the list was being sorted alphabetically. So the list was created and intended to display as UF1, MT2, IE3, IE4… ,UF14,UF15. However, having closed out and gone to test as a new user the list now presents a different sequence with UF14, UF15 being brought to the front along with MT2. This is also the sequence that a new user sees at login.

I presume that the design intent was to present the fields in the order in which they were originally created/laid out.

And yes, i know that I shouldn’t hit the new user with 15 questions at login - that is not my intent; this was done for testing purposes (once i noticed that my smaller list was also being resequnced)

(Sam Saffron) #2

@eviltrout any feedback here?

(Robin Ward) #3

Good news! The latest version of Discourse allows sorting of the fields. Before then it was somewhat undefined behavior. If you visit that page now you have arrows to move entries up and down :smile:

(Robin Ward) #4

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