Extending the capabilities of the simplified mode

Some users are forced to use the simplified mode on discourse engine forums for various reasons:

  1. The browser is outdated and there is no way to update it. For example, XP fans (they exist) or old Android users.
  2. Weak hardware on which it is impossible to install a new OS and a new browser. Or it is possible, but they will be slow. Because the full version of discourse requires large system resources.
  3. Paranoid people who disable JS, for example in the Tor browser.

All these users can use forums on the discourse engine, in a simplified mode, but in read only mode. Those, they can only read messages (I hope the bug with scrollbars in very old browsers has already been fixed), but not write.
However, many forum engines allow you to send simple text messages if JS is disabled in the browser or it is very old.
Therefore, I ask you to make it possible to login and send simple text messages in simplified mode.

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Hi @artenaki, welcome to the Discourse Meta community!

I wish I had more positive news about your question. Unfortunately it has been asked and answered multiple times on here. The answer is that Discourse is a Javascript application that is built for modern browsers. There are no plans to allow users to login to the site on unsupported browsers, or when Javascript is disabled.

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