Login with JavaScript Disabled

I would personally see it as category 2 bug. There is currently a discussion going on at OSM and one thing brought up is: Its not possible to login or register with JavaScript disabled. It is possible to read without JavaScript, but its not possible. For some people thats a problem for various reasons.

On the other hand: i found this Disable JavaScript content. Possible? thread and it does not seem like this will be adressed for the reason mentioned there (Its a JS-App so use JS or don’t use Discourse)?

This isn’t a bug; it’s by design. Discourse is a JavaScript-based application running on Ember.js, so it would be impossible to turn off JS and still use the site. The way to accomplish what you’re wanting is to create a feature-complete static HTML UI, which is not on our roadmap, I’m afraid.


I thought so already after reading the thread i found. Thanks anyway for answering. Can i set this somehow as solved or something like that?

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