Extract just coherent questions from text

Add option to selected text for AI to extract just the question(s).

For example

would have an additional option like extract questions and return something like

1. Are you using any specific model to check consistency, or are you just feeding the answers to GPT-4?
2. Can you help me understand how GPT-4 calculates consistency?
3. Does GPT-4 work on a binary (true or false) logic to decide whether a response is similar to the baseline, or does it use percentage or decimal values on a certain scale for consistency assessment?
4. Could you please share your prompt used to implement this testing?

using a prompt similar to this

* Extract the questions from the following text
* Each question should be a full self contained question
* Use the proper technical words

An example of a need for this is that ChatGPT Team was introduced about two weeks ago and the documentation does not cover everything. Many users are asking questions but tend to elaborate more than is needed, do not use the correct terminology, etc. What is needed is a way to extract meaningful questions that will lead to useful answers.

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Can’t you simply use a custom prompt after selecting the text? Just fill in the instructions when asking ai