Facebook auth without email


I have a client In a reigon of the world where users predominantly do not have email addresses. However, most users do have mobile numbers. Since Facebook allows accound creation with the use of a mobile number only, It is the predominant way of communication in that reigon.

With this, our dilema is that we would would like to use Discourse in tandem with Facebook SSO. However, it seems that a valid email address is integral to Discourse’s functionality. Even after activating account creation via Facebook API, an email is still required. Is there a way to forego email as a means of authentication?

Thank you In advance for your help.



Email isn’t just used to authenticate, lots of critical processes including account recovery rely on discourse being able to send email to users.

I’m not aware of any supportable configurations where email addresses aren’t provided.

Procourse did work on a plugin to substitute email with SMS, but this has no ties to Facebook:

You would need to check to see if a compatible SMS carrier is supported and test to see if the plugin still works.