Facebook (login) email not updated in discourse

(Ricardo Viteri) #1

So, I log into my discourse installation via facebook, and I noticed that after I updated my facebook primary e-mail address, this email is not updated in discourse. This is causing an issue as I no longer receive emails from discourse.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


(Ricardo Viteri) #3

Any ideas to fix this?

(Stephen) #4

Are the permissions on your Facebook account set to share email?

Is the email field on your Discourse account editable?

Facebook doesn’t have to provide Discourse with your email address, your account permissions can prevent this. In those cases you are prompted to manually provide an email address at registration.

You can check your email at /users/USERNAME/preferences/email, substituting USERNAME obviously.

(Ricardo Viteri) #5

Thanks that did it, I guess discourse pulls the email on file and then doesn’t mess with it anymore.

(Sam Saffron) #6

I think our behavior here is correct, you can always amend your email via the user prefs, we do not key on email alone, we have a unique id from facebook that ties your auth together.

(Ricardo Viteri) #7

I agree, I just didn’t know that one can manually update the email address afterwards.

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