Facebook login fails because access token is invalidated after 90 days?

I’m seeing the following on both my instance and meta:

Possibly an issue with Discourse – or perhaps Mr Data Accumulator made a breaking change?


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The error message that I’m seeing is:

The access token is invalid since the user hasn’t engaged the app in longer than 90 days

Does this sound correct for your case?

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Thanks @simon

I see the same error in my instance logs (and not just for my login attempts…)

I use my instance and meta on a daily basis, and am pretty sure I have logged into both via facebook within the last three months.

It seems to be a recent issue https://developers.facebook.com/bugs/194772814474841/.


Simon, I am unclear where this “90 days” rule applies…

  • to the user’s Facebook account perhaps, as in “this user hasn’t logged into facebook in 90 days”?

  • to the login method, as in, “this user hasn’t used Facebook to log into this site in 90 days”?

When I read the error I understood it as the user not having logged into their facebook account for 90 days, but it seems that it’s saying that the user hasn’t logged into the app (Discourse) for 90 days. There are more details here: