Facebook warning

Hi does anyone shared his community on facebook platform and received an email from their support team?

I have a facebook group and I shared a link to a page on my website which invited them to my discourse community.
The next day facebook sent me an email. I’m afraid they want to close my facebook group…
I configured Facebook login for Discourse as well but it was over a month ago so I don’t think they sent me the mail because of that…


In order to keep our Facebook platform and community safe, we periodically review apps for compliance. Your app, Discourse login (XXXXX) is being reviewed and we need the following information or action from you in order to approve your app’s continued operation on our platform.

Platforms affected: Connect URL.

  • Detailed instructions describing how our reviewers can access your platform
  • Valid credentials for us to login to your app and test/review its functionality and its use of any Facebook API integration

Notes regarding the above:

  • The credentials on the test account you provide for us to access must be valid indefinitely
  • The experience, once we have accessed your platform for review, must be accurately representative of an organic user experience
  • We will potentially be testing any/all Facebook API integrations you have for compliance under our platform policies: https://developers.facebook.com/policy/

To continue operating on our platform, we will need to be able to complete a review of your app. Kindly reply back to this email with the requested information. If we do not receive a response by 2020-10-22 your app will be subject to enforcement.

Thank you for your cooperation in our continued efforts to keep our platform safe,

Facebook Developer Operations Team


So not satisfied with building their own massive database, they want access to your data too?


Yeah! I’m afraid so!


They send me the exact same email when I move my Forum to other domain and forgot update the Facebook login url :slightly_smiling_face: So I delete the fb app and create a new one with the correct site url. It’s almost 3 month so i think. That’s it.


Thank you Don. So you are saying you did it after you found out it’s not updated. Did you answer them? Did they mention the reason in your mail?