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I received this message from Facebook and wanted to know if it is going to affect all users or if it is just me. I had previously sent them a link to the generic /TOS and /privacy post we have:

The Privacy Policy linked to your app must comply with Facebook Platform Policy 4.b:
This policy states that you must include all of the following:

  • A clear explanation of what data you are collecting and processing
  • The purpose for which you are collecting and processing that data
  • How users may request deletion of that data

Upon checking your app, we found that the privacy policy you provided is still missing of how user may request deletion of that data. Please update how user may request deletion of data inside your privacy policy in the app as located in the screenshot attached.

For more information regarding our Privacy Policy requirements, please visit section four of the Facebook Platform Terms: Platform Terms - Facebook for Developers.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please respond to this email when your app has been updated or if you have any questions about this request.


Meta Developer Operations Team

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I think this might be covered here:

I understand that adding those two paragraphs to the privacy policy solves it. Thanks, I will add them and see if it works.

edit: it works, thanks!


My login is blocked as well…

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