Failed to connect to port 443

(Jãşhť'Sşeriĕ) #1

I Want to install Discourse on my VPS
OS : Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64BIT
Ram: 15
CPU: 8,
I Have try 2-3 times but still the same problem!

Docker version 1.10.1, build 9e83765
I’m not using any proxy!

Can you help me please?! why is this problem?
maybe is cause i’m using an panel which is running on port 443? !
if yes can i change this port for discourse ex. 445?!

(Matt Palmer) #2

It’s not you; Github is apparently having some connectivity issues at the moment. I’ve noticed it on my own systems, and confirms it.

(Jãşhť'Sşeriĕ) #3

hm okay thanks :slightly_smiling: let’s wait when Github will fix it :sweat:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Well, it looks OK now. Github reported that connectivity was restored at 1:12 AM EST. Are you still encountering issues?

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(Jãşhť'Sşeriĕ) #5

no. is working perfectly now thanks

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