Installation and Config worked several times, but Port 443 error showing constantly now

My installation worked intermittently the first time, but now after changing my contact email, the config program fails stating the server isn’t visible on port 443.

WARNING: Port 443 of computer does not appear to be accessible using hostname:
WARNING: Connection to http:// discourse. over40connect .com (port 80) also fails.

This suggests that discourse. over40connect. com resolves to some IP address that does not reach this machine where you are installing discourse.
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Our Discourse forum is up and working, but I can’t send emails out because I was trying to switch to a self-hosted email at the domain, and I removed a working Gmail account with the config program, and now after trying to revert it, it doesn’t pass the port 443 check.

The installation intermittently showed this warning when I was first trying things, and it’s also warning me about having less than 5GB of space, though this doesn’t seem to affect the install at all. I have responded Yes to clearing data several times before attempted installs, and they all fail because of the domain.

Can anyone suggest what might be causing intermittent issues? OVH is my VPS host for Discourse, and the domain itself is hosted by WHC
EDIT: Should clarify that WHC has the web hosting for the root domain, and OVH has the web hosting for the Discourse subdomain (For our forum). Domain registrar is also WHC, but that’s somewhat irrelevant. It appears to be configured correctly, a dig for the discourse subdomain shows the correct IP address. Also a web scan showed that 443 and 80 ports were open.

You can bypass the connection test by using the --skip-connection-test flag.

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Thank you! I had read somewhere else that it was --skip-tests, and that hadn’t worked for me. This one did, thank you so much!

Ideally in the future I can figure out why the test is actually failing, but it’s definitely working as a system, so this will get us going, thank you!

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