Failing posts still show up as a reply until refresh

When a post is sent, it is already added to the stream before the server confirms it. If posting fails, for example by hitting a rate limit, it is removed again – but some side effects stay. For example, in the screenshot below, the “3 Replies” is incorrect; since only two posts follow and only one of them (my post) is an actual reply. The two missing “ghost posts” are failed tries to send my post. Reloading fixes this – only the local state is corrupted.


Yes, sounds like a subtle bug when unstaging a post.

Note, the rate limits really should never be hit with the narrative bot, so that is the first thing that needs fixing.


I have an easy repro for this

  1. reply to any post
  2. type said reply using cruise control for awesome, ALL CAPS
  3. try to post, notice reply is blocked due to all caps
  4. edit to add non-caps
  5. post again, notice the post you replied to has “2 replies”

Yes this is only a client side artifact for that user, will go away on refresh and won’t be seen by other users at all.


Fixed in


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