Post reply on different topic no longer works

(Yamikuronue) #1


  1. Quote reply on the thread you’re trying to quote from
  2. Navigate to the thread you want to reply on
  3. Finish adding snarky commentary and hit “reply”

Expected: A popup asking which thread to reply on
Also acceptable: Just replying where my browser is pointing now
Actual: Replying on the original thread

First reported here: Cross-posting broken? - What the Daily WTF? I believe we’re on Beta 9 now.

No rate-limit popups

We are; it does seem to be a regression.

And I was in the middle of posting this myself too :stuck_out_tongue:


it was broke before?
or do you mean jeffgression?

(Robert Lee Louviere) #4

Feature recession? <post must be 20 chars>

(Jeff Atwood) #5

I think this is a dupe of the other modals (rate limiting, etc) not appearing.

(Jeff Atwood) #6