The enthusiast, aficionado, and devotee badges description is misleading

I’ve gotten several reports from my community members saying that they didn’t get the aficionado badge even though they visited 100 days. I think the description is a bit confusing…

The devotee link description says you have to visit 365 days… But it’s should actually be Visit 365 days in a row. Users are confusing this:
Which is the # of days visited, not how many consecutive days. Some people see over 100 in days visited, and they’re thinking they should get aficionado badge because the description says, Visited 100 days, not visited 100 days in a row.


The longer description on the full badge page specifies consecutive, but that can be easy to miss. Adding the word consecutive to the short description seems more helpful than harmful to me.


Done, thanks for the suggestion @Chaboi_3000!