False Update Message

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That happens if a topic is updated that you have muted. Do you have any topics on mute?


I do not, no.

character limit

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This can also happen if the topic that caused the bump was deleted, unlisted, or moved to a category you can’t see. Does this happen frequently, or is it a one time thing?


It happens quite frequently, however if it is from topics being edited in a way like that (deleted, unlisted, etc) it should not be showing as a new/updated topic.

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This bug is still occuring

Also after I clicked the “See 1 new topic” banner, nothing showed up, so yeah.
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I may have something similar but may also have an idea as to why.
When I reply to a post, then click on the hamburger menu, it will show Unread (1). Clicking on that tells me I have no unread messages. (The false update message.)
Is a routine that checks for new messages and then shows the unread message counting my reply as a new message? I haven’t seen this happen when other users post or reply, just with my own.