Suggest Modification to "Updated Topic" Count Notification

Hello. I am a Discourse user on another private forum. I noticed that even though I may have muted some topics, if those topics are updated they are still then reflected in the count displayed in the notification at top of forum that tells a user “[count] new or updated topics. Click to show”. This leads to the situation where clicking may (and often does for me and others) show nothing different that what was previously listed. Sometimes a bit confusing…

If this feature is working as intended, please disregard. If it makes sense that this count should only reflect new and un-muted topics, but not muted ones, please consider an appropriate modification.


Yes, this is indeed annoying, has been reported before.

It is a #bug , but a super tricky bug to fix.

Options 1:

  • Current user object keeps track of every muted topic you have, then when we get messages we always double check against list (too heavy)

Option 2:

  • Message bus excludes all users that mute topic from the update (ok if only 10 people muted it, a disaster if 10000 muted it)

Option 3:

  • Add an extra ajax request after we get a message bus update that “double checks” the data you got from message bus. (least evil, but increases chatter quite a lot)

I can not think of an easy way of fixing this, its just compromise :mountain: