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@sam can we address the above before the release please?


From what I can tell @andrei’s change was tightly scoped to the toolbar, increasing the scope so it also catches drag-and-drop and paste would be a bit risky for the release.

Also unsure if we want to do that?


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I’ll fix it and then we can decide if the fix is dangerous to merge before release.


As I remember and from what I see in the code, it doesn’t matter if an image was added using toolbar or using drag-and-drop. In both cases, this should work.

Also, I tested it and looks like now everything works as expected (it’s hard to tell when exactly this was fixed, but I think it’s not so important). Here are videos for drag-and-drop, but it also works when using toolbar.

In the middle of the line:

At the end of the line:

At the end of the last line:


Oh yeah sorry that’s my fault I didn’t even tested it since the last video I uploaded. :confused: Now it works as expected :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you @andrei to check this.