Fathom Analytics counting way more Page Views than Discourse's own stats. Any ideas?

Hey guys

we managed to set up fathom analytics for our discourse forum following the steps here:

Fathom support confirmed that it supposedly the way to go

After having it installed for a week Fathom is counting way more Page Views than Discourse’s own analytics (201k in Admin vs 340k in Fathom)

Anyone else using Fathom and having a similar issue?

See this topic for all the details you’d need on how Discourse tracks page views and how it has grown over the years. Be sure to read through the full topic:

Hey @osioke

thx for the quick reply. We are aware of that article and understand the difference between GA and Discourse’s own tracking.

Unfortunately that doesn’t solve our issue why Fathom Analytics is counting way more that Discourse does. It similar issue but on the other side of the spectrum.