Favicon logo keeps reverting to discourse-sketch

I’m not sure why, but the favicon keeps changing to the Discourse Sketch logo.
The normal logo is fine, the favicon just keeps changing.
Right now we’re on 2.9.0.beta14 (1a0473e890), and haven’t changed anything for a bit, this just started happening.

I haven’t seen this problem happen before, however I believe this might be an easy problem to fix. Before we go any deeper, you should verify the following:

1. Does anybody else on the forum experience the same problem? (If so, it may be #2)
2. Is this favicon reverting problem actually just cache?
3. Does the problem persist in other browsers?
4. Maybe try rebooting the server/rebuilding the container?

Logged out, in Chrome, I see the normal favicon. In Firefox, I see the Discourse sketch logo.

Other users cant seem to see it, and clearing my cache did not fix it.

Seems like the error isn’t on the server-side, but it is on the client-side on Firefox. If you log into your forum with Google Chrome, will the discourse-sketch logo come back?

Logged in and browsed for a bit, still happening.

FYI: We updated to latest today

This seems like a bug on Firefox’s end, however, if this was a bug on Discourse’s end, then it should be addressed in the next stable update, since you seem to be running a beta version of Discourse.

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Are you blaming my discourse install for not displaying you the favicon? :angry:

Anyways I think it’s a cache problem, perhaps your browser or ISP is caching the favicon. I’ll try purging the CloudFlare cache for BlackIron.

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