Favicon not loading in FireFox

I don’t think it’s related but the latest upgrade seems to have wiped out the favicon: it appears as a white square to me both here on meta and on talk.devuan.org.

EDIT: seems to have come back to normal here on meta.

I merged in a change by @tgxworld for following redirects in favicon downloads, perhaps it broke this


Still broken here (the favicon turned into a white square).

Is there a way to disable these favicon tricks and keep it static?

[Edited:] I had the preference set to use the notification with the favicon. I turned it off, but the favicon remains a white square.

I tested your site on Chrome and FireFox. Both browsers work for me. Has this been resolved for you? Are there any errors in your logs?

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Hey, thank you @tgxworld for having a look. I’m upgrading the instance, but so far I’ve had a white square icon. Hopefully after the upgrade it will be fixed. Response in a few minutes…

Updated to the latest, still having the same issue the favicon is loading, but

Takes a lot of time to loading finished.

Looks like message bus POSTs are timing out on your sites:

Notice the URL at upper right: /message-bus/ those requests are taking 25+ seconds


That is by design :slight_smile: its long polling, also happens here

OK, I see why this is happening, we are start listening to the message bus a bit too early, before the whole page rendered. Firefox gets confused here and just keeps spinning.

Will have a look at how to avoid this …


Should be fixed per:



After upgrading to the latest Discourse, including @sam’s patch to the spinning issue, I still get a white square as a favicon.

The normal favicon images is set as: /user_avatar/talk.devuan.org/system/16/20.png

Which is: talk.devuan.org favicon

I have another image for the favicon in the assets topic pointing to /uploads/default/original/1X/850b3654d4b4d94dbf6a98b27de7146d69aa723b.png (i.e., talk.devuan.org alt favicon

Setting one or the other brings a white square.

How can I debug this?

[edit: thanks @zogstrip]

update: the favicon appears normally when logged out.

All right, I figured out that it’s not a Firefox issue but a Tor Browser Bundle issue.

It’s unclear yet what exactly affects this, but I suspect anti-tracking code. There are a number of related bugs in the Tor Trac but nothing reporting this white square misbehavior.

To be investigated on Tor side.