Feature idea: link each config option (and theme component, etc) automatically to a Staff topic

Many community sites have a somewhat-disconnected and possibly informal group of site admins. The change history is a cool feature, so one can see who did what, and when. But there’s not a place for why, and sometimes I would like to note "max username length set his way to match the SSO", or ask “hey, should we change this?” and have a record of the discussion. Of course, we can put that elsewhere, but that documentation gets disconnected.

It’d be awesome if each setting had a button like the little history icon which would create a linked topic in the Staff category, or of course go to an existing one if there is one.

A comment was suggested here too


My thought is… the software already has great tools for recording discussion on a topic, so might as well use those rather than make a new less-capable annotation feature.

An alternative take on this feature request:
All admin changes should be logged in one topic. It could even be a staff topic, so that staff is informed as well.
One post per change.

This way, there are multiple ways to summarize changes:

  1. after the admin changes something, he can just go and edit each system-created post explaining why he did it
  2. he can post a reply before doing any of the changes, explaining what is he doing and why
  3. he can post a reply after doing all the changes (or a group of changes) explaining what he did and why
  4. anything in between