Feature: Personal History of topics read

I have been finding many times that I have read something early in the day that I later want to reference but cannot necessarily figure out how to get back to that topic. I often do this when scanning through top and new listings, or when weaving through search results. It would be very useful to be able to see your history of read topics which would simply show a row by row list of

Date/Time Read| Topic Name | Author| Minutes spent reading


We have /read right now, but that extra information sounds like a neat idea!


I know @sam is a fan of this sort of thing but I have never found a need for it. We of course do have the read info in the database.

In the short term I suggest bookmarking (either in Discourse or in your browser) anything you want to come back to. And if you happen to be on the same browser instance you can filter your browsing history to just that domain.

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These days I have been using bookmarks quite heavily for this kind of stuff. If I am half done with a topic I will bookmark it and then fetch it out of https://meta.discourse.org/bookmarks later on

I did not even enable the read tab in my own theme, its kind of cool in theory but really is at best an advanced search thing.