Feature proposal: action post on split topic

When a moderator splits a topic, the source topic gets a nice action message to make it clear what’s happened. However, it’s less clear to readers of the destination topic.

I propose Discourse shows something like this:


Not needed, there is a traditional two way link already, as we’ve always done in Discourse. A link at the top would be redundant.


results in…

… at the bottom of the destination topic, like all two-way links.

You’re making an editorial decision that you would prefer that to be on a giant billboard.


Yes, I’d like my modding action to be made clearer.

Bear in mind that the author of the post that’s been split may not have phrased their post in the way you would phrase the opening post of a topic.

Without a visible mod action, it simply looks as though the poster has created a new topic, which isn’t accurate (although, yes, there is a small link shown underneath the new topic)


I didn’t find this post initially when I revived the same issue here: Splitting a topic and moving replies to a new topic

I’m not seeing any justification for why a moderator action splitting a topic should be less apparent than when a poster chooses to reply-as-new-topic. It seems quite hyperbolic to consider the proposed visual above in this topic to be a “giant billboard”.